Our mission is to bridge between the software companies in Asia, United States, Europe and Japanese users.

If you are interested in this market:

Something Good is organized by the over 20 years market expert members. Specially, our advantage is the business relations with key person of the sales channels.

We can strongly support your company to go into Japanese market with - Japanese localization, testing on the Japanese local environments, product sales through the wide range of sales channels, and customer support. Not only Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android software, but also computer peripheral equipment.

Japan is one of the world's largest Computers, Tablets, and Smart Phones sales market, and very valuable market which the purchase of software generalized.

Please contact Something Good when you consider to expand your product to Japan.



Software publishing service

Conclusion of distribution agreement between software company and us.
Sell the product on wide range of sales types or channels such as ESD software, Package Box at Retail Shop, Subscription for ISP/MVNO, POS Activation Card, Bundle, OEM, and others.
Provide Business planning, Marketing and PR services in Japan, Legal affairs solutions.
Achievements: www.iolo.jp

Localization services

Japanese localization for Software user interface, help document, in product message, product manual, including document layout service.

Web development, operation, and management

We provide the Japanese Web site of your software or IT services including on-line ESD sales system. Your brand name on-line store is also available. We are managing several Japanese Web sites of major world-wide software companies.

Software technical support services

Software quality testing and quality assurance on Japanese language and local environments.

Customer support services

Technical support for customers, software investigation and examination.


Ryuji Wakizaka

President & C.E.O.

Ryuji Wakizaka act as CEO of Holon, inc. then COO of Inter channel - Game, movie, mobile phone application developer.

Major business results:

G DATA Software AG
PC multimedia software, security software
DivX Networks inc.
Movie codec
Riverdeep Group PLC
PC educational software
Honest technology
PC multimedia software
Paragon Technologie GmbH.
PC disk management software
The Codemasters Software Company Limited
THQ Inc.

Atsushi Kuzuwa

Chief Technical Officer

Atsushi Kuzuwa act as Technical Vice President of Sonic Solutions Japan - experience of both consumer and professional, development and customer support, for Audio CD PreMastering, non-linear Video editing, and DVD/BD encoding and authoring system for professional studios.

Major business results:

Major Recording/Editing Studios
Digital Audio Workstation, Audio/Video encoding
Major CD/DVD/BD labels
CD PreMastering, DVD/BD Authoring
Major Japanese PC Manufacturers
consumer software bundle
Major Computer Peripheral Equipment Companies
consumer software bundle
Call Center Operation Companies
Customer support operation
On-line Video Distribution Companies